(e-Book) Nag’s Power Plant Engineering 5th Edition (12 Months Digital Access) – Sudipta De


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Power Plant Engineering is a textbook designed for the undergraduate mechanical engineering students. The book is intended to provide a holistic coverage of the fundamentals, design principles and applications of power plants. It explains the concepts using a right blend of theory, illustrations, examples and exercises.

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Chapter 1 _Coal-Based Power Plants: An Overview
Chapter 2_Introduction: Economics of Power Generation
Chapter 3_Thermodynamics of Steam Power Cycles
Chapter 4_Fuels and Combustion
Chapter 5_Fuel Firing and Combustion Technology
Chapter 6_Steam Generators
Chapter 7_Steam Turbines
Chapter 8_Condenser and Heat Rejection in Steam Power Plants
Chapter 9_Gas Cycle and Combined Cycle Power Generation
Chapter 10_Cogeneration, Trigeneration and Polygeneration
Chapter 11_Nuclear Power Plants
Chapter 12_Hydroelectric Power Plant
Chapter 13_Energy Storage
Chapter 14_ Renewable and Non-conventional Power Generation