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Human Communication: The Basic Course, Global Edition, 13th edition – DeVito

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Description Provides a thorough foundation in the theory, research, and skills of communication Human Communication: The Basic Course provides an in-depth look at the concepts and principles of human communication, emphasising public speaking, interpersonal communication, and small group communication. Designed to allow flexibility in teaching approaches, Human Communication: The Basic Course offers instructors a wide range of topics to discuss and apply to real-world experiences.

Table of Content

Part 1. Foundations of Human Communication
Chapter 1. Preliminaries to Human Communication
Chapter 2. Culture and Communication
Chapter 3. The Self and Perception
Chapter 4. Listening in Human Communication
Chapter 5. Verbal Messages
Chapter 6. Nonverbal Messages
Part 2. Interpersonal, Small Group, and Organizational Communication
Chapter 7. Interpersonal Communication: Conversation
Chapter 8. Interpersonal Relationship Stages and Theories
Chapter 9. Friends, Lovers, and Families
Chapter 10. Small Group Communication
Chapter 11. Members and Leaders
Chapter 12. Human Communication in the Workplace: Organizational Communication
Chapter 13. Interpersonal, Group, and Workplace Conflict
Part 3. Public Speaking
Chapter 14. Public Speaking Topics, Audiences, and Research
Chapter 15. Supporting and Organizing Your Speech
Chapter 16. Style and Delivery in Public Speaking
Chapter 17. The Informative Speech
Chapter 18. The Persuasive Speech
Appendix: Public Speaking Sample Assistants