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Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach 10th Edition – Cengel

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Cengel’s Thermodynamics is known to be student friendly, self-instructive, and easy to read and understand even for the most challenging topics with the help of attractive illustrations, examples, and real-world applications. The authors’ philosophy is that the best way to learn is by practice. Special effort is made throughout the book to reinforce material that was presented earlier and to appeal to students’ natural curiosity and intuition. For instructors looking to engage students and enhance their problem-solving skills, Connect offers student-friendly, accessible content, tools, and resources that develop high-level problem-solving and critical thinking skills, including New Application-Based Activities.

Table of Content

1) Introduction and Basic Concepts
2) Energy, Energy Transfer, and General Energy Analysis
3) Properties of Pure Substances
4) Energy Analysis of Closed Systems
5) Mass and Energy Analysis of Control Volumes
6) The Second Law of Thermodynamics
7) Entropy
8) Entropy Analysis
9) Exergy
10) Gas Power Cycles
11) Vapor and Combined Power Cycles
12) Refrigeration Cycles
13) Thermodynamic Property Relations
14) Gas Mixtures
15) Gas-Vapor Mixtures and Air-Conditioning
16) Chemical Reactions
17) Chemical and Phase Equilibrium
18) Compressible Flow