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(e-Book) Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics in SI Units 15th edition (12 Months Digital Access) – Hibbeler


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Dynamics excels in providing a clear and thorough presentation of the theory and application of engineering mechanics. Engineering Mechanics empowers students to succeed by drawing upon Professor Hibbeler’s decades of everyday classroom experience and his knowledge of how students learn. The text is shaped by the comments and suggestions of hundreds of reviewers in the teaching profession, as well as many of the author’s students. A variety of new video types are available for the 15th Edition in SI units. The author carefully developed each video to expertly demonstrate how to solve problems, model the best way to reach a solution, and give students extra opportunities to practice honing their problem-solving skills; he also summarises key concepts discussed in the text, supported by additional figures, animations, and photos. The text provides a large variety of problems, 30% of which are new, with varying levels of difficulty that cover a broad range of engineering disciplines and stress practical, realistic situations. An expanded Answer Section in the back of the book now includes additional information related to the solution of select Fundamental and Review Problems in order to offer students even more guidance in solving the problems.

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1. Kinematics of a Particle 
2. Kinetics of a Particle: Force and Acceleration 
3. Kinetics of a Particle: Work and Energy 
4. Kinetics of a Particle: Impulse and Momentum 
5. Planar Kinematics of a Rigid Body 
6. Planar Kinetics of a Rigid Body: Force and Acceleration 
7. Planar Kinetics of a Rigid Body: Work and Energy 
8. Planar Kinetics of a Rigid Body: Impulse and Momentum 
9. Three-Dimensional Kinematics of a Rigid Body 
10. Three-Dimensional Kinetics of a Rigid Body 
11. Vibrations
Mathematical Review and Expressions
Fundamental Problems Partial Solutions and Answers