(eText) Research Methods For Business: A Skill Building Approach 8e - Sekaran/Bougie


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Table of Content

This is a digital VitalSource ebook version with 1 year access (Standalone)

1 Introduction to Research
2 The Scientific Approach and Alternative Approaches to Investigation
3 Defining the Management Problem
4 Defining the Research Problem
5 The Critical Literature Review
6 Theoretical Framework and Hypothesis Development
7 Elements of Research Design
8 Interviews
9 Observation
10 Administering Questionnaires
11 Experimental Designs
12 Measurement of Variables: Operational Definition
13 Measurement of Variables: Scaling, Reliability and Validity
14 Sampling
15 Quantitative Data Analysis
16 Quantitative Data Analysis: Hypothesis Testing
17 Qualitative Data Analysis
18 Conclusions
19 The Research Report

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