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Contemporary Logistics 12th Edition – Murphy Jr/ Knemeyer

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Gives students a solid foundation in the basics of logistics A solid foundation in the basics of logistics, through the focus on the fundamentals in the book’s succinct and thorough coverage, introduces students to the subject, while still covering supply chain management issues.

Table of Content

Part I: An Overview of Logistics
1. An Overview of Logistics
2. Logistics and Information Technology
3. Strategic and Financial Logistics
4. Organizational and Managerial Issues in Logistics

Part II: Supply Chain Management
5. The Supply Chain Management Concept
6. Procurement

Part III: Elements of Logistics Systems
7. Demand Management, Ordered Management, and Customer Service
8. Inventory Management
9. Facility Location
10. Warehousing Management
11. Packaging and Materials Handling
12. Transportation
13. Transportation Management
14. International Logistics