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(e-Book) Digital Business and E-Commerce Management 7th edition (12 Months Digital Access) – Chaffey


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Written in an engaging and informative style, Digital Business and E-Commerce Management will give you the knowledge and skills to be able to handle the speed of change faced by organisations in the digital world. In this edition of the book, Chaffey, Hemphill and Edmundson-Bird bring together the most recent academic and practitioner thinking, covering all aspects of digital business including strategy, digital comms and transformation.

Table of Content

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Part 1 – Introduction
1 Introduction to digital business
2 Opportunity analysis for digital business and e-commerce
3 Managing digital business infrastructure
4 Key issues in the digital environment
Part 2 – Strategy and applications
5 Digital business strategy
6 Supply chain and demand
7 Digital marketing
8 Customer relationship management
Part 3 Implementation
9 Customer experience and service design
10 Managing digital transformation and growth hacking