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Management Accounting 8e (Customised Publication) – Langfield-Smith/ Smith/ Andon/ Hilton/ Thorne

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The eighth edition of the market-leading Management Accounting text continues to be an excellent resource for students, guiding them in building solid foundations in management accounting by linking theory to real-world application. This edition has been revised and updated to incorporate real life case studies with an increasing focus on businesses across the Asia—Pacific region. In addition, brand new and revised end-of-chapter activities provide students with the opportunity to apply what they are learning to real-world scenarios. Management Accounting combines authoritative, peer-reviewed content with cutting edge technology and a strong pedagogical framework to provide a closely integrated digital learning solution.

Table of Content

1. Management Accounting: Information for creating value and managing resources
2. Management Accounting: Cost terms and concepts
3. Cost behaviour, cost drivers and cost estimation
4. Product costing systems
5. Process costing and operation costing
6. Service costing
7. A closer look at overhead costs
8. Activity-based costing
9. Budgeting systems
10. Standard costs for control: direct material and direct labour
11. Standard costs for control: flexible budgets and manufacturing overheads
12. Managing and reporting performance
13. Financial performance measures and incentive schemes
14. Strategic performance measurement systems
15. Managing suppliers and customers
16. Managing costs and quality
17. Sustainability and management accounting
18. Cost volume profit analysis
19. Information for decisions: relevant costs and benefits
20. Pricing and product mix decisions