Company & Group Financial Reporting 9e - Jane Lazar


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Table of Content

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Share Capital
Chapter 3: Issuance and Redemption of Loan Instruments
Chapter 4: Financial Statements
Chapter 5: Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 6: Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements
Chapter 7: Company Reconstruction
Chapter 8: Changes in Business Structure
Chapter 9: Business Combination & Introduction to Consolidated Financial Statements
Chapter 10: Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
Chapter 11: Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
Chapter 12: Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
Chapter 13: Consolidated Statements of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income
Chapter 14: Accounting for Associates and Joint Arrangements and Equity Basis of Accounting
Chapter 15: Complex Group Structure
Chapter 16: Increases in Shareholding
Chapter 17: Decrease in Shareholding and Group Reconstruction
Chapter 18: Foreign Currency Transactions and Operations
Chapter 19: Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows

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