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AE Discovering Computers: Digital Technology, Data, and Devices, 17th Edition – Clemens/ Campbell/ Ciampa/ Frydenberg/ Freund/ Vermaat/ Sebok


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DISCOVERING COMPUTERS: DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, DATA, AND DEVICES, 17th edition, teaches you not only the basics of technology, but also how you will use it — and the responsibilities that go along with being a digital citizen. Focusing on current technology, the content addresses convergence of devices and platforms. Each module integrates practical how-to tips, ethics issues and security topics, while Consider This boxes woven throughout help you sharpen your critical-thinking skills. A variety of end-of-module activities — checkpoint questions, small group activities and problem-solving exercises — enable you to put what you learn into practice. MindTap digital learning solution is also available. Using an inviting approach that ensures understanding, DISCOVERING COMPUTERS equips you with the information you need for success at home, school and work.

Table of Content

1. Being a Digital Citizen: At Home, School, and Work.
2. The Internet: Connecting and Communicating Online.
3. Hardware: Evaluating Options.
4. Programs and Apps: Productivity, Graphics, Security.
5. Digital Security: Ethics, Privacy, and Protection.
6. Input and Output: Extending Capabilities.
7. Digital Storage: Preserving Content.
8. Operating System: Managing and Coordinating Resources.
9. Networks: Communicating Across Devices.
10. Databases: Organizing and Accessing Data.
11. System and Application Development: Tools and Strategies.
12. Web Development: Publishing Online Content.
13. Technology Careers: Entering the Workforce.
Appendix A: Technology Acronyms.
Appendix B: Troubleshooting Computer and Mobile Device Problems.