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(e-Book) Public Relations Ethics (12 months digital access) – Morris/Goldsworthy


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This book is a pragmatic, case-rich guide to how current and future public relations practitioners can apply ethical principles and the industry’s codes of ethics to their day-to-day work. Authors Trevor Morris and Simon Goldsworthy draw on their years of industry and academic experience to illustrate key ethical issues and ground them in reality, all within an international frame of reference. Public Relations Ethics incorporates interviews with industry practitioners, offering contrasting perspectives as well as recent examples of real-life complaints and disciplinary issues. Provocative questions and exercises help readers grapple with ethical dilemmas and review the key scenarios and challenges that PR people face. The book is ideal at the undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education levels as a core text for public relations ethics courses and a supplementary text for general public relations survey courses. Accompanying the text are online resources for both students and instructors, including lecture slides and links to further resources.

Table of Content

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1 Introduction
2 Why PR Ethics Matter
3 Theory and Practice
4 PR’s Own Codes of Ethics
5 Who Wouldn’t, or Shouldn’t, You Work For?
6 The Ethical Issues in Dealing with the Media
7 Lobbying and Ethical Outrage
8 PR Specialisms and Their Ethical Dilemmas
9 PR Business and Management Ethics
10 The Ethical Future
11 Conclusion and Our Ethical Checklist
Appendix: Suggestions for Further Reading and Sources of Information, Stimulation and Entertainment