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Experiencing MIS, Global Edition, 8e – Kroenke

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Help students understand the ways information systems are transforming business As technology continues to change the way organizations do business, knowledge of MIS is critical. Experiencing MIS illustrates how organizations use information systems to solve business problems every day. This modular text uses illustrative cases, exercises, projects, and other aids to ensure students connect concepts to everyday life by making MIS interesting and relevant to them. Changes and highlights in the 8th Edition keep pace with the fast-moving world of MIS and keep students up to date and knowledgeable on how to apply emerging technologies to better achieve their organization’s strategies. Unique and updated guides within each chapter highlight themes in ethics, security, MIS careers, and other timely topics.

Table of Content

  • Part 1: Why MIS?
  • 1. The Importance of MIS
  • 2. Business Processes, Information Systems, and Information
  • 3. Organizational Strategy, Information Systems, and Competitive Advantage
  • Part 2: Information Technology
  • 4. Hardware and Software
  • 5. Database Processing
  • 6. The Cloud
  • Part 3: Using IS for Competitive Advantage
  • 7. Processes, Organizations, and Information Systems
  • 8. Social Media Information Systems
  • 9. Business Intelligence Systems
  • Part 4: Information Systems Management
  • 10. Information Systems Security
  • 11. Information Systems Management
  • 12. Information Systems Development