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(e-Book) Innovation Management and New Product Development 7th Edition (12 months Digital Access) – Trott


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Innovation Management and New Product Development, 7th Edition, by Trott is an established textbook on innovation management, management of technology, new product development and entrepreneurship. It provides an evidence-based approach to managing innovation in a wide range of contexts, including manufacturing, services, small to large organisations and the private and public sectors. The book keeps students abreast of the recent developments in the field of innovation and how the subject is being discussed in the wider business world through up-to-date examples, case studies, illustrations and images in every chapter.

Table of Content

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Part 1 Innovation management
Innovation management: an introduction
National systems of innovation and entrepreneurship
Public sector innovation
Managing innovation within firms
Operations and process innovation

Part 2 Turning technology into business
Managing intellectual property
Managing organisational knowledge
Strategic alliances and networks
Management of research and development
Open innovation and technology transfer

Part 3 New product development
Business models
Market adoption and technology diffusion
New product development
Market research and its influence on new product development
Managing the new product development process