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Business Research Methods, 14e, contains stand-alone chapters that reflect research industry practices using real examples from all areas of business. In collaborations with over two dozen industry researchers, Schindler writes a real-world research methods book that distinguishes between big data analytics and small data with an emphasis on decision making. She eloquently covers ethical issues and their solutions, and has added more coverage of process models, sampling how-to, and data preparation. Conscious of the different learning styles of students, Schindler provides appropriate cues for both visual and verbal learners through the use of in-text exhibits, bolded key terms, conceptual photos throughout and research though-leader quotes in PowerPoints for each chapter. She also used various interim GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) reports to guide the research for this revision. The latest GRIT Report is based on the largest study of research suppliers and users ever conducted. Automation and privacy are hot topics in GRIT, so she added material on both these topics in the 14th edition. This edition is available for purchase with the digital platform McGraw Hill Connect®, which provides a highly reliable easy-to-use homework and learning management solution that embeds learning science and award-winning adaptive tools to improve student results.

Table of Content

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Part I: Building the Foundation for Research
Chapter 1: Research Foundations and Fundamentals
Chapter 2: The Research Process: An Overview
Chapter 3: Stage 1: Clarify the Research Question

Part II: The Design of Business Research
Chapter 4: Stage 2: Research Design, An Overview
Chapter 5: Stage 2: Sampling Design
Appendix: Calculate the Sample Size
Chapter 6: Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Qualitative Research
Chapter 7: Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Observation Research
Chapter 8: Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Experiments
Chapter 9: Stage 2: Data Collection Design: Survey Research

Part III: Measurement
Chapter 10: Stage 3: Measurement Foundations
Chapter 11: Stage 3: Measurement Questions
Appendix: Sources of Measurement Questions
Chapter 12: Stage 3: Measurement Instruments

Part IV: Collect, Prepare, and Examine the Data
Chapter 13: Stage 3: Collect, Prepare, and Examine Data
Appendix: Better Tables
Appendix: Review: Describing Data Statistically

Part V: Analyze and Interpret Data
Chapter 14: Stage 4: Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 15: Stage 4: Measures of Association

Part VI: Stage 5: Report the Research
Chapter 16: Stage 5: Research Reports: Support Insights and Recommendations
Appendix: Better Reports

Part VII: Research Project Overview
Chapter 17: An Integrated Example?
Case Index

A Business Research Proposals and RFPs (with Sample RFP)
B Focus Group Discussion Guide
C Nonparametric Significance Tests
D Selected Statistical Tables