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Leadership: Theory and Practice 9th Edition – Northouse


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The market-leading Leadership: Theory and Practice by Peter G. Northouse presents an academically robust account of the major theories and models of leadership with a focus on how theory can inform practice. Case studies and questionnaires provide students with practical examples and opportunities to deepen their understanding of their own leadership style. The fully updated Ninth Edition features a new chapter on inclusive leadership, 17 new real-world cases that profile leaders from across the globe, a new discussion on leadership and morality, and examples of timely issues such as leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Table of Content

CHAPTER 1. Introduction
CHAPTER 2. Trait Approach
CHAPTER 3. Skills Approach
CHAPTER 4. Behavioral Approach
CHAPTER 5. Situational Approach
CHAPTER 6. Path-Goal Theory
CHAPTER 7. Leader-Member Exchange Theory
CHAPTER 8. Transformational Leadership
CHAPTER 9. Authentic Leadership
CHAPTER 10. Servant Leadership
CHAPTER 11. Adaptive Leadership
CHAPTER 12. Inclusive Leadership
CHAPTER 13. Followership
CHAPTER 14. Gender and Leadership
CHAPTER 15. Leadership Ethics