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(e-Book) Research Methods for Business Students, 9th edition (12 months Digital Access) – Saunders/Lewis/Thornhill


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Research Methods for Business Students offers robust and pragmatic guidance to Business, Marketing, and Management students conducting a research-led project or dissertation. Written by experts, it includes a range of features such as boxed examples demonstrating students’ experiences, news articles and contemporary case studies. The self-study prompts help your students apply learnt material to their own research projects.

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1 Research, reflective diaries and the purpose of this book
2 Generating a research idea and developing your research proposal
3 Critically reviewing the literature
4 Understanding research philosophy and approaches to theory development
5 Formulating the research design
6 Negotiating access and research ethics
7 Selecting samples
8 Obtaining and evaluating secondary data
9 Collecting primary data using observation
10 Collecting primary data using interviews and diaries
11 Collecting primary data using questionnaires
12 Analysing data quantitatively
13 Analysing data qualitatively
14 Writing and presenting the project report
Appendix 1: Systems of referencing
Appendix 2: Calculating the minimum sample size
Appendix 3: Guidelines for non-discriminatory language