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(e-Book) Food and Culture 8th Edition (12 Months Digital Access) – Furstenau/Safaii-Waite


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Providing current information on the health, culture, food and nutrition habits of the most common ethnic and racial groups living in the United States, FOOD AND CULTURE supports human diversity and inclusivity and provides you with an accessible lens to see connection. This market-leading text for cultural foods courses is also designed to help health professionals, chefs, and others in the food service industry learn to work effectively with members of different ethnic and religious groups in a culturally sensitive manner. It also will help you develop a grounded perspective of the diversity in the United States and enhances effective communication across cultures in any field of work. The authors include comprehensive coverage of key ethnic, religious and regional groups, including Native Americans, Europeans, Africans, Black Americans, Mexicans and Central Americans, Caribbean Islanders, South Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Southeast Asians, Pacific Islanders, people of the Balkans, Middle Easterners, Asian Indians, and regional Americans.

Table of Content

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1. Food and Culture.
2. Traditional Health Beliefs and Practices.
3. Intercultural Communication.
4. Food and Religion.
5. Native Americans.
6. Northern and Southern Europeans.
7. Central Europeans, People of the Former Soviet Union, and Scandinavians.
8. Africans and Black Americans.
9. Mexicans and Central Americans.
10. Caribbean Islanders and South Americans.
11. Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans.
12. Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders.
13. People of the Balkans and the Middle East.
14. Asian Indians and Pakistanis.
15. Regional Americans.
Glossary of Ethnic Ingredients.