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(e-Book) Business Analysis And Valuation: IFRS, Cengage eBook, 12 Months Digital Access – Palepu/ Healy/ Peek


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Now in its sixth edition, Business Analysis and Valuation: IFRS Standards edition has successfully taught students how to interpret IFRS-based financial statements for more than twenty years. With the help of international cases, the authors illustrate the use of financial data in various valuation tasks and motivate students to build a thorough understanding of theoretical approaches and their practical application.

Table of Content

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Part I. Framework
1. A framework for business analysis and valuation using financial statements

Part II. Business analysis and valuation tools
2. Strategy analysis
3. Accounting analysis: The basics
4. Accounting analysis: Accounting adjustments
5. Financial analysis
6. Prospective analysis: Forecasting
7. Prospective analysis: Valuation theory and concepts
8. Prospective analysis: Valuation implementation

Part III. Business analysis and valuation applications
9. Equity security analysis
10. Credit analysis and distress prediction
11. Mergers and acquisitions

Part IV. Additional cases