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Customer Service Skills for Success 8th Edition – Lucas

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Lucas’ top-selling and award-winning Customer Service 8e has been revised to reflect the demands of customer service today. Chapters are divided into three parts, focused on key aspects of customer service: 1) The Profession 2) Skills for Success, and 3) Building and Maintaining Relationships, and Retaining Customers. Throughout the text, readers discover tips for implementing proven customer service strategies, case scenarios, and activities to help apply concepts to real-world situations. Customer Service 8e addresses many market changes such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, working in remote teams and greater focus on customers with disabilities with featuring several companies such as Amazon, Target, American Express and Chipotle. Students will practice putting concepts into action through our integration digital learning platform, Connect. Connect provides revised case analyses that challenge students to apply what they’ve learned to real-world scenarios featuring companies such as Zappos, Ben & Jerry’s, and Southwest Airlines. Additionally, Connect has role-playing application-based activities to help students demonstrate understanding of the key elements that will make customer interactions more successful and revised Language Toolkits geared toward helping students develop an understanding of key terms.?

Table of Content

Part One The Profession1 The World of Customer Service
2 Contributing to the Service Culture
Part Two Skills for Success
3 Verbal Communication Skills
4 Nonverbal Communication Skills
5 Listening to the Customer
Part Three Building and Maintaining Relationships
6 Customer Service and Behavior
7 Service Breakdowns and Recovery
8 Customer Service in a Diverse World
9 Customer Service via Technology
Part Four Retaining Customers
10 Encouraging Customer Loyalty