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Customer Service: Pearson New International Edition: A Practical Approach 6th Edition – Harris

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For undergraduate courses in Customer Service, Training and Development, and Service Marketing; also as a supplement for a course in Marketing Principles. The market-leader, Customer Service: A Practical Approach, Sixth Edition,goes beyond providing reasons why customer service is important to defining proven methods for creating customer service excellence. Using a hands-on approach, it covers a wide range of knowledge and skills and offers an extensive collection of activities to enliven and invigorate any lecture. This edition features a revised chapter on technology, new Ethics in Action exercises and coverage of the latest trends in the customer service field. Focusing on problem solving, communication strategies and technology, this classic text pinpoints the skills needed to improve and sustain customer satisfaction and business relationships.

Table of Content

1. What is Customer Service?
2. The Challenges of Customer Service
3. Problem Solving
4. Strategy for Formulating a Plan for Success
5. Empowerment
6. Communications in Customer Service
7. Coping with Challenging Customers
8. Motivation
9. Leadership in Customer Service
10. Customer Retention and Measurement of Satisfaction
11. Technology and Customer Service
12. Excellence in Customer Service