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Sociology: A Brief Introduction 14th edition – Schaefer

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Sociology: A Brief Introduction invites students to take sociology with them in their daily lives. This successful student-friendly program includes strong coverage of race, ethnicity, and globalization. The approachable material encourages students to develop their sociological imaginations and start to think like a sociologist. Paired with McGraw Hill Connect®, a personal and adaptive learning experience, students learn to apply sociology’s three theoretical frameworks to the world around them.

Table of Content

1 Understanding Sociology
2 Sociological Research
3 Culture
4 Socialization and the Life Course
5 Social Interaction, Groups, and Social Structure
6 Mass Media and Social Media
7 Deviance, Crime, and Social Control
8 Stratification and Social Mobility in the United States
9 Global Inequality
10 Racial and Ethnic Inequality
11 Stratification by Gender and Sexuality
12 The Family and Household Diversity
13 Education and Religion
14 Government and the Economy
15 Health, Population, and the Environment
16 Social Change in the Global Community
Name Index
Subject Index
Applications of Sociology’s Major Theoretical Perspectives
Coverage of Race and Ethnicity, Gender, and Social Class