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(e-Book) Exploring Research, Global Edition, 10th edition (12 Months Digital Access) – Salkind


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For courses in experimental methods and research methods in the social and behavioral sciences This book presents an unintimidating look at the basics of research, describing how to collect and analyze data and providing thorough instruction on how to prepare and write research proposals and manuscripts. It covers the research process, problem selection, sampling and generalizability, and the measurement process, as well as the most common types of research models used in the social and behavioral sciences, including qualitative methods. The 10th edition explores the use of electronic sources for research with more information about conducting research and literature reviews online and includes new information on how social media can be used in a research context and places a strong emphasis on ethics. Information about the use of the 7th Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is contained in several chapters. A key update in this edition is the coverage of SPSS and Excel as tools of choice for data analysis.

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1. The Role and Importance of Research
2. The Research Process: Coming to Terms
3A. Selecting a Problem and Reviewing the Research
3B. The Importance of Practicing Ethics in Research
4. Sampling and Generalizability
5. Measurement, Reliability, and Validity
6. Methods of Measuring Behavior
7. Data Collection and Descriptive Statistics
8. Introducing Inferential Statistics
9. Nonexperimental Research: Descriptive and Correlational Methods
10. Nonexperimental Research: Qualitative Methods
11. Pre- and True Experimental Research Methods
12. Quasi-Experimental Research: A Close Cousin to Experimental Research
13. Writing a Research Proposal
14. Writing a Research Manuscript

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