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Principles of Accounting 3rd edition – Nik Haslina and others


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Third edition of Principles of Accounting was written to improve on the second edition and to add new materials that are relevant for students studying basic accounting. The Contents of the book are arranged in the order that the author felt would provide an easier and better way untamed the basic of accounting. To make the learning process easier, simple words are used to describe accounting terms. Many examples are also given in each chapter to ensure that readers understand the concepts and processes being conveyed. The numerous exercises in different formats given at the end of each chapter are tools to access understanding of the topics.

Table of Content

1 Introduction to Accounting
2 Accounting Concepts
3 Accounting Equation
4 Double Entry Systems
5 Recording Business Transaction
6 Errors
7 Inventory
8 Accrual and Prepayment
9 Accounting for Receivables
10 Depreciation for Non-Current Assets
11 Financial Statement
12 Bank Reconciliation Statements
13 Incomplete Records
14 Accounting for Clubs and Societies
15 Introduction to Partnership
16 Partnership Changes – Admission and Retirement
17 Partnership Dissolution
18 Corporations (Limited Companies)
19 Statement of Cash Flows
20 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (Manufacturing Business)
21 Job Order Costing
22 Process Costing
23 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
24 Budgets