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Strategic Management: Text and Cases, Tenth edition, written by authors Dess, McNamara, Eisner,and Lee continues its tradition of being readable, relevant, and rigorous. Its engaging writing style minimizes jargon to maximize readability. It provides examples from management practice and societal themes including environmental sustainability, ethics, globalization, entrepreneurship, and data analytics to make the content relevant. It draws on the latest research by management scholars and insights from executives to balance accessibility with rigor. They provide separate chapters on the role of intellectual assets in value creation (Ch. 4), entrepreneurial strategy and competitive dynamics (Ch. 8), and fostering entrepreneurship in established organizations (Ch. 12). This version includes the all the text and 38 cases.

Table of Content

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1. Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages
2. Analyzing the External Environment of the Firm: Creating Competitive Advantages
3. Assessing the Internal Environment of the Firm
4. Recognizing a Firm’s Intellectual Assets: Moving beyond a Firm’s Tangible Resources

5. Business-Level Strategy: Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantages
6. Corporate-Level Strategy: Creating Value through Diversification
7. International Strategy: Creating Value in Global Markets
8. Entrepreneurial Strategy and Competitive Dynamics

9. Strategic Control and Corporate Governance
10. Creating Effective Organizational Designs
11. Strategic Leadership: Creating a Learning Organization and an Ethical Organization
12. Managing Innovation and Fostering Corporate Entrepreneurship

13. Analyzing Strategic Management Cases


1. Robin Hood
2. The Global Casino Industry in 2019 (New)
3. Southwest Airlines: Is “LUV” at the limit? (New)
4. ZYNGA: Is the Game Over? (Updated)
5. World Wrestling Entertainment 2019 (Updated)
6. Microfinance: Going Global… And Going Public?
7. FreshDirect: Is It Really Fresh? (Updated)
8. Greenwood Resources: A Global Sustainable Venture in the Making
9. Kickstarter and Crowdfunding 2019 (Updated)
10. QVC in 2019 (Updated)
11. Cirque du Soleil in 2019 (Updated)
12. Pixar (Updated)
13. Heineken (Updated)
14. eBay: Misunderstood? (Updated)
15. Weight Watchers in now WW (Updated)
16. Dippin’ Dots: Is the Future Frozen? (Updated)
17. Tata Starbucks: A Brew for India? (Updated)
18. The Move Exhibition Industry: 2019 (New)
19. Campbell: How to Keep the Soup Simmering? (Updated)
20. Nintendo: Could the Switch Turn on Gamers? (Updated)
21. Samsung Electronics 2019 (Updated)
22. Emirates Airline (Updated)
23. General Motors in 2019 (Updated)
24. Johnson & Johnson (Updated)
25. Procter & Gamble (Updated)
26. Ascena: Still Struggling in Speciality Retail (Updated)
27. The Boston Beer Company: Brewing up Success? (Updated)
28. McDonald’s in 2019 (Updated)
29. Lime: Is Bike Sharing the Next Uber? (New)
30. United Way Worldwide (Updated)
31. Alibaba Group: Rivals at the Gate? (New)
32. Apple Inc.: Where’s the Next Innovation? (Updated)
33. Jetblue Airways Corporation: Getting Over The “Blues”? (Updated)
34. Ford: An Auto Company In Transition (Updated)
35. Jamba Juice: Focus in on the Menu (Updated)
36. BlackBerry in 2019 (Updated)
37. Venmo: War on Cash? (New)
38. Flipkart: Winnig in India? (New)