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Nutrition for Foodservice and Culinary Professionals 9e – Drummond


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Nutrition for Foodservice and Culinary Professionals, 9th Edition balances the perspectives of a nutritionist and a chef, offering the most up-to-date coverage of national dietary guidelines and engaging the learner in practical, hands-on application of each concept in the course. Nutrition 9th Edition is for nutrition (or “healthy cooking”) courses in a culinary arts curriculum and intends to be a practical, how-to program with up-to-date information on national nutrition guidelines and standards for food preparation and labeling.

Table of Content

1. Introduction to Nutrition
2. Using Food Guides, Dietary Recommendations and Nutrition Labels to Plan Menus
3. Carbohydrates
4. fat
5. Protein
6. Vitamins
7. Water and Minerals
8. Building Flavor & Balanced Baking
9. Recipe Makeovers
10. Balanced Menus
11. Handling Customers’ Special Nutrition Request
12. Weight Management
13. Nutrition for All Ages