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Financial Accounting for Non-accounting Students 7e – Fatimah/Amla/Radziah

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The newly published Financial Accounting for Non- accounting Students 7th edition is designed mainly for non- accounting students and those who need a clear understanding of basic financial accounting. This book provides a brief description of the qualitative techniques characteristics of financial statements set out in the conceptual framework for Financial Reporting. Student will be shown the steps taken to classify and record transactions in the correct journal and ledger account.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Introduction to Accounting
Chapter 2: Qualitative Characteristics of Financial Information, Accounting Assumptions and Concepts
Chapter 3: Accounting Classification and Accounting Equation
Chapter 4: Accounting for Inventory
Chapter 5: Double Entry Principles
Chapter 6: Balancing Off the Accounts and the Trial Balance
Chapter 7: Accounting Systems and Books of Accounts
Chapter 8: Pre-Adjusted Financial Statements
Chapter 9: Adjustments for Accruals and Prepayments
Chapter 10: Accounting for Accounts Receivable
Chapter 11: Capital Expenditure and Revenue Expenditure
Chapter 12: Depreciation of Non-Current Assets
Chapter 13: Financial Statements with Year-end Adjustments
Chapter 14: Bank Reconciliation Statement
Chapter 15: Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Ratios
Chapter 16: Partnership
Answers to Selected Questions
Accounting Simulation