Dorf’s Introduction to Electric Circuits, 9th Edition, Global Edition


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Dorf’s Introduction to Electric Circuits, Global Edition, is designed for a one- to -three term course in electric circuits or linear circuit analysis. The book endeavors to help students who are being exposed to electric circuits for the first time and prepares them to solve realistic problems involving these circuits. Abundant design examples, design problems, and the How Can We Check feature illustrate the text’s focus on design. The Global Edition continues the expanded use of problem-solving software such as PSpice and MATLAB.

Table of Content

CHAPTER 1 Electric Circuit Variables 1
CHAPTER 2 Circuit Elements 20
CHAPTER 3 Resistive Circuits 53
CHAPTER 4 Methods of Analysis of Resistive Circuits 114
CHAPTER 5 Circuit Theorems 169
CHAPTER 6 The Operational Amplifier 219
CHAPTER 7 Energy Storage Elements 268
CHAPTER 8 The Complete Response of RL and RC Circuits 322
CHAPTER 9 The Complete Response of Circuits with Two Energy Storage Elements 378
CHAPTER 10 Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis 425
CHAPTER 11 AC Steady-State Power 504
CHAPTER 12 Three-Phase Circuits 568
CHAPTER 13 Frequency Response 604
CHAPTER 14 The Laplace Transform 670
CHAPTER 15 Fourier Series and Fourier Transform 741
CHAPTER 16 Filter Circuits 804
CHAPTER 17 Two-Port and Three-Port Networks 840

APPENDIX A Getting Started with PSpice 865
APPENDIX B MATLAB, Matrices, and Complex Arithmetic 873
APPENDIX C Mathematical Formulas 885
APPENDIX D Standard Resistor Color Code 889

References 891
Index 893