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Baking and Pastry: Mastering the Art and Craft, 3rd Edition (Hardcover) – CIA


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Baking and Pastry, Third Edition continues its reputation as being a must-have guide for all culinary and baking and pastry students and baking and pastry industry professionals. This new edition improves upon the last with the addition of hundreds of new recipes and photographs, and revised, up-to-date information on creating spectacular pastries, desserts, and breads. New content includes sustainability and seasonality, new trends in plated desserts and wedding and special occasion cakes, and more information on savory and breakfast pastries, volume production, and decor techniques.

Table of Content

Part One The Professional Baker and Pastry Chef
1 Career Opportunities for Baking and Pastry Professionals
2 Ingredient Identification
3 Equipment Identification
4 Advanced Baking Principles
5 Food and Kitchen Safety
6 Baking Formulas and Bakers’ Percentages

Part Two Yeast-Raised Breads and Rolls
7 Yeast-Raised Breads and Rolls
8 Advanced Yeast Breads and Rolls

Part Three Baking Building Blocks
9 Pastry Doughs and Batters
10 Quick Breads and Cakes
11 Cookies
12 Custards, Creams, Mousses, and Soufflés
13 Icings, Glazes, and Sauces
14 Frozen Desserts

Part Four Assembling and Finishing
15 Pies, Tarts, and Fruit Desserts
16 Filled and Assembled Cakes and Tortes
17 Breakfast Pastries
18 Individual Pastries
19 Savory Baking
20 Plated Desserts
21 Chocolates and Confections
22 Décor
23 Wedding And Specialty Cakes

Appendix A Elemental Recipes
Appendix B Décor Templates
Appendix C Conversions, Equivalents, And Calculations
Appendix D Readings And Resources
Subject Index
Recipe Index