The Blue Planet: An Introduction to Earth System Science, 3rd Edition (Hardcover) – Skinner/ Murck



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The Blue Planet: An Introduction to Earth System Sciences, 3rd Edition is an innovative text for the earth systems science course. It treats earth science from a systems perspective, now showing the five spheres and how they are interrelated. There are many photos and figures in the text to develop a strong understanding of the material presented. This along with the new media for instructors makes this a strong text for any earth systems science course.

Table of Content

Part 1. The Earth System: Our Place in Space
1. The Earth System
2. Energy
3. Matter
4. Space and Time

Part 2. The Geosphere: Earth Beneath Our Feet
5. The Tectonic Cycle
6. Earthquakes and Volcanoes
7. The Rock Cycle

Part 3. The Hydrosphere: Earth’s Blanket of Water and Ice
8. The Hydrologic Cycle
9. The Cryosphere
10. The World Ocean

Part 4. The Atmosphere: Earth’s Gaseous Envelope
11. The Atmosphere
12. Wind and Weather Systems
13. the Climate System

Part 5. The Biosphere: Life on Earth
14. Life, Death and Evolution
15. Ecosystems, Biomes, and Cycles of Life
16. Populations, Communities, and Change

Part 6 The Anthroposphere: Humans and the Earth System
17. The Resource Cycle
18. Mineral and Energy Resources
19. The Changing Earth System