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Essentials Everyday English – Sharon Lim/Nik Izyani/Hafizah/Samsiah/Suria Hani/Husna Nurul Izzah/Alyani



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Essentials Everyday English is aimed at ESL/EFL undergraduates at CEFR A1/A2 levels who have a lot of catching up to do in terms of improving their English language knowledge and proficiency and building their self-confidence to communicate in English with ease in a formal setting. To meet the above goals, this book offers useful language notes, suitable exercises and interesting activities so that learners can make substantial progress in their mastery of the language.

Table of Content

Part 1: Speaking Skills
Chapter 1 Me, Myself and I
Chapter 2 Hello Future Me
Chapter 3 Understanding Current Issue: Natural Disasters
Chapter 4 Understanding Current Issue: Youth Issues
Chapter 5 Understanding Current Issue: Environmental Issues
Chapter 6 Describing Culture and Tradition: Traditional Games
Chapter 7 Describing Culture and Tradition: Events % Celebrations
Chapter 8 Describing Culture and Tradition: Cultural Items
Chapter 9 Entertainment Today: Celebrities
Chapter 10 Entertainment Today: Movies & TV Shows
Chapter 11 Entertainment Today: Past & Present
Chapter 12 Sharing What You Know: Places & Food
Chapter 13 Sharing What You Know: Seeing the World

Part 2: Grammar Guide
General Grammar Knowledge
Chapter 1 Parts of Speech: Overview
Chapter 2 Basic Sentence Structures
Chapter 3 Questions Formation Simple Present & Simple Past Tense
Chapter 4 Subject Verb Agreement
Chapter 5 Clause and Sentence Types
Chapter 6 Tenses

Part 3: Vocabulary
Chapter 1 Parts of Speech
Chapter 2 Prefixes & Suffixes
Chapter 3 Homonyms, Homophones, Homographs and Heteronyms
Chapter 4 Word Family
Chapter 5 Collocations
Chapter 6 Vocabulary Exercises