Principles of Financial Accounting

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John J. Wild, Winston Kwok, Ken W. Shaw and Barbara Chiappetta

2nd Edition


McGraw Hill

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~Description / table of content~

Chapter 1: Accounting in Business
Chapter 2: Analyzing and Recording Transactions
Chapter 3: Adjusting Accounts and Preparing Financial Statements
Chapter 4: Completing the Accounting Cycle
Chapter 5: Merchandising Operations
Chapter 6: Inventories and Cost of Sales
Chapter 7: Accounting Information Systems
Chapter 8: Cash and Internal Controls
Chapter 9: Receivables
Chapter 10: Long-Term Assets
Chapter 11: Current Liabilities
Chapter 12: Accounting for Partnerships
Chapter 13: Accounting for Corporations
Chapter 14: Long-Term Liabilities
Chapter 15: Investments and International Operations
Chapter 16: Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 17: Financial Statements Analysis
Appendix A: Financial Statement Information
Appendix B: Time Value of Money

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