Machine Elements in Mechanical Design 5e



Robert L. Mott

5th Edition


Pearson Education

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~Description / table of content~

PART I. Principles of Design and Stress Analysis

1. The Nature of Mechanical Design

2. Materials in Mechanical Design

3. Stress and Deformation Analysis

4. Combined Stresses and Mohr’s Circle

5. Design for Different Types of Loading

6. Columns

PART II. Design of a Mechanical Drive

7. Belt Drives and Chain Drives

8. Kinematics of Gears

9. Spur Gear Design

10. Helical Gears, Bevel Gears, and Wormgearing

11. Keys, Couplings, and Seals

12. Shaft Design

13. Tolerances and Fits

14. Rolling Contact Bearings

15. Completion of the Design of a Power Transmission

PART III. Design Details and Other Machine Elements

16. Plain Surface Bearings

17. Linear Motion Elements

18. Springs

19. Fasteners

20. Machine Frames, Bolted Connections, and Welded Joints

21. Electric Motors and Controls

22. Motion Control: Clutches and Brakes

23. Design Projects

Appendix 1. Properties of Areas

Appendix 2. Preferred Basic Sizes and Screw Threads

Appendix 3. Design Properties of Carbon and Alloy Steels

Appendix 4. Properties of Heat-Treated Steels

Appendix 5. Properties of Carburized Steels

Appendix 6. Properties of Stainless Steels

Appendix 7. Properties of Structural Steels

Appendix 8. Design Properties of Cast Iron

Appendix 9. Typical Properties of Aluminum

Appendix 10. Typical Properties of Zinc Casting Alloys

Appendix 11. Properties of Titanium Alloys

Appendix 12. Properties of Bronzes

Appendix 13. Typical Properties of Selected Plastics

Appendix 14. Beam-Deflection Formulas

Appendix 15. Steel Structural Shapes

Appendix 16. Aluminum Structural Shapes

Appendix 17 Conversion Factors

Appendix 18 Hardness Conversion Table

Appendix 19 Geometry Factor I for Pitting for Spur Gears

Answers to Selected Problems