College Writing Skills with Readings 9e



John Langan

9th edition Edition


McGraw Hill

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~Description / table of content~

Table of Content:

Part 1: Essay Writing

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Writing
Chapter 2 The Writing Process
Chapter 3 The First and Second Steps in Essay Writing
Chapter 4 The Third Step in Essay Writing
Chapter 5 The Fourth Step in Essay Writing
Chapter 6 Four Bases for Revising Essays

Part 2: Patterns of Essay Development

Chapter 7 Introduction to Essay Development
Chapter 8 Description
Chapter 9 Narration
Chapter 10 Exemplification
Chapter 11 Process
Chapter 12 Cause and/or Effect
Chapter 13 Comparison and/or Contrast
Chapter 14 Definition
Chapter 15 Division-Classification
Chapter 16 Argument

Part 3: Special Skills

Chapter 17 Taking Essay Exams

Chapter 18 Writing a Summary

Chapter 19 Writing a Report

Chapter 20 Writing a Résumé and Cover Letter

Chapter 21 Using the Library and the Internet

Chapter 22 Writing a Research Paper

Part 4: Handbook of Sentence Skills

Chapter 23 Subjects and Verbs

Chapter 24 Fragments

Chapter 25 Run-Ons

Chapter 26 Regul441ar and Irregular Verbs

Chapter 27 Subject-Verb Agreement

Chapter 28 Additional Information about Verbs

Chapter 29 Pronoun Agreement and Reference

Chapter 30 Pronoun Types

Chapter 31 Adjectives and Adverbs

Chapter 32 Misplaced Modifiers

Chapter 33 Dangling Modifiers

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