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Wiley Shopping Cart Search by Title, Author, Keyword or ISBN Search Home Subjects Business & Management Management Introduction to Management, 13th Edition International Student Version Paperback 1 $294.95   DIGITAL EVALUATION COPY Request Digital Evaluation Copy John R. Schermerhorn Jr., Daniel G. Bachrach   ISBN: 978-1-118-95118-7 February 2015 544 Pages   + E-Book Starting at just $112.50 – Print Starting at just $294.95 Paperback$294.95 Download Product Flyer DESCRIPTION We’ve got you covered for your Principles of Management course with Schermerhorn/Bachrach, Introduction to Management 13th Edition. With new cases, more opportunities for self-assessment and the Management Weekly Updates news blog, the text and its comprehensive suite of resources promote critical thinking and active learning.   Thoroughly updated while maintaining its trusted balance of concepts and applications, Introduction to Management 13th Edition presents the most current material to apply theory and show relevance of management concepts in the real world—for students to succeed in your management course and beyond.

Table of Content


Part One Management1 The Management Process

2 History of Management Thought

3 Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility

Part Two Environment

4 External Environment and Organizational Culture

5 International Management

6 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Part Three Planning and Controlling

7 The Decision-Making Process

8 Fundamentals of Planning

9 Fundamentals of Control

10 The Strategic Management Process

Part Four Organizing

11 Fundamentals of Organizing

12 Organizational Change and Development

13 Human Resource Management

Part Five Leading

14 Essentials of Leadership

15 Foundations of Individual Behavior

16 Motivation Th eory and Practice

17 Teams and Teamwork

18 Communication, Conflict and Negotiation

Management Cases for Critical Thinking

Chapter Cases

Self-Test Answers



Organizational Index

Name Index

Subject Index